Vehicle Tinting

T&T Tinting's Auto Tinting is ranked # 1 in the U.S.

Windshield Heat Blocker

T&T Tinting Specialists now has "AIR Blue - Windshield Heat Blocker".

Residential Tinting

T&T Tinting is ranked as one of the TOP window tint installation companies in the United States.

Commercial Tinting

We install window film on more commercial buildings, hospitals, hotels and condominiums than any other glass tinting company in Hawaii

Safety and Security Films

Our Safety & Security Films come in many different shades from completely CLEAR to TINTED versions...

Paint Protection Film

Protect your canoe and investment.

Anti-Fog Film

Anti-fog can be applied to any relatively flat glass surface...

Paddleboard Protection

New Crystal Rails


Includes Mirror and Metal Shield.

Graphic Tinting

T&T Tinting Specialists has the largest selection of custom glass graphics in Hawaii.

Other Products

Other TNT Products