There is actually no solar film on the market that can provide "nighttime" privacy or deter onlookers from seeing in at night when the interior lights are on.  This is not a factor of the quality of the films, but a fact of the laws of physics.

The only films that can achieve that level of security are our Frosted / Opaque films, which as you may know, will also black the visibility from the inside looking out.  

The best way to achieve Nighttime Privacy using solar films is by installing a Dual Reflective Film (like Vista) that can provide 100% daytime privacy, then use a drop shade, blinds or drapery for the night privacy purpose.  That's the only way to guarantee night privacy and still allow viewing from the inside looking out at the same time.

Yes, T&T Tinting's new C-Bond Systems makes all types of glass 100% stronger and 100% more flexible, enhancing all glass types' level of safety.  Just ask your T&T CSR to "Add C-Bond" to your FormulaOne Performance Auto Tint, Home tinting, Office tint, Security Film or Glass Graphics installs, and you will create security glass out of your standard glazing.

C-Bond Add-On for Vehicle tinting from $100, for Residential, Commercial & Glass Graphics add-on from $2.50 per square foot.

Here is what is allowed in Hawaii window tint law: 35% +/- 6% (29% Net) - Details below:

Cars, Trucks and MPV *Note: "MPV" below means Multi Passenger Vehicles which includes Trucks, Vans and SUVs

Frt. WindshieldFront Windshield must allow more than a total of 70% VLT (Visible Light Transmission) through glass.  Clear films are now allowed on the entire Front Windshield (after the 2012 Amendment) so long as the film + the glass does not fall below the 70% Federal Standard when metered.
Front Side WindowsFilm & Glass must allow a total of 29% (or more) VLT light in through glass.
Back Side WindowsFilm & Glass must allow a total of 29% (or more) VLT light in through glass. (*MPVs allow any light transmission)
Rear WindowFilm & Glass must allow a total of 29% (or more) VLT light in through glass. (*MPVs allow any light transmission)

T&T Tinting only installs the world's best window films made by Eastman Chemical, the largest makers of window films in the world.  These films now come with the best warranties in the Industry:

AutomotiveFormulaOne Performance Auto Tint - Nationwide, Transferable Lifetime Warranty on material & labor. 

For warranty service, simply drive by either T&T location, call 808-423-8468 or if you have left Hawaii with the vehicle, go to www.formulaone.com and use the Dealer Locator on the site, enter your current Zip Code and call one of the FormulaOne (F1) Dealers in your area.  You will need your F1 warranty card or the information off the F1 warranty decal located in your driver's side front door jamb.

Residential:  5 years on material & labor for all DL-Series (Dyed films) and all Frost, Etched or Glass Graphics work

                     Lifetime on Material & Labor on all LLumar Neutral & DR- Series

                     Transferable Lifetime on material & labor for all Vista Window Films

Commercial  5 years on material & labor for all DL-Series (Dyed films) & all Frost, Privacy, Etched or Glass Graphics work

                       10 years on material & labor all LLumar Neutral (N-Series) films and all Security Film products

                        15 Years on material & labor for all Vista Window Film products

For warranty service, call the Residential / Commercial Tinting Division direct at 808-275-4565.


T&T Tinting has been in business since 1982.   The CEO, Tommy Silva was instrumental in creating, lobbying and till today, monitoring Legislative bills regarding Hawaii's Auto Tinting Laws.

T&T has pioneered Auto Tinting from a hobby into the Nation's Largest Auto Tinting Company (source: Window Film Magazine Oct.2013-2016).  T&T Tinting has garnered the attention of the world's largest manufacturer of window films, Eastman Chemical, and because of their business longevity, size, professionalism, level of customer service and quality installations, has earned the use of Eastman's top window film products - EXCLUSIVELY; FormulaOne Performance Auto Films for Vehicles and Vista Window Films for Residential & Commercial Tinting.  No other Oahu tint companies are authorized to install these top-of-the-line films.

T&T is also Hawaii's first licensed Window Tinting Contractor, completely legitimitizing the window film industry here in Hawaii. (HI Contractor's License #C-17113)