New Legal, Clear Heat-Blocking Front Windshield Film!

We want you to know that our client's and employees health is top-of-mind and we are doing everything that we can based on the most up-to-date CDC guidelines to provide you with a worry-free transaction here at T&T Tinting. Here are some of the steps we have recently implemented to ensure your safety during auto tinting:

Checking In - Customer Waits in Vehicle:

* Customer to call number on the Office Door once they are outside
* T&T Customer Service Rep (CSR) will come out to check in the vehicle wearing PPE's and practicing social distancing
* CSR will escort the customer inside to show them the film options (if undecided)
* Once film is chosen, CSR will get the keys and notify customer that we will call them once their vehicle is complete
* CSR will disinfect the key thoroughly then pass it to the production staff to bring vehicle inside


* Technician (Tech) will disinfect their hands before touching keys
* Tech will be wearing PPE's (mask and gloves) before getting in the customer's vehicle to bring inside
* Tech will disinfect the customer's vehicle's high touch surfaces such as steering wheel, door handles and shift knob
* Tech will disinfect door panels then prep and disassemble door panels (if needed)
* Tech will Install film
* Tech will reassemble the door panels and disinfect door panels when done
* Tech will drive disinfected / tinted vehicle out and park in lot
* Tech will disinfect steering wheel, door handles and shift knob again
* Tech will disinfect keys before passing to CSR

Check Out:

* CSR will call the customer and notify that vehicle is done (or will be done by __ time)
* When customer arrives, they will again call the front desk and wait in vehicle
* CSR wearing PPE's will go outside to check out / final inspect the vehicle with customer while practicing social distancing
* CSR will escort customer to the front desk and pass disinfected keys to customer
* Customer will pay via credit card and sign documents with disinfected pen (keep or return)
* CSR will complete payment process and give customer their invoice and lifetime warranty docs
* CSR will promptly disinfect their hands as well as any surfaces that may have been touched by anyone before proceeding

Every day, literally hundreds of thousands of us drive from the Leeward side of Oahu in the AM rush-hour traffic into Town, and then 8 hours later, from Town to the Leeward side in the afternoon rush-hour, both ways, staring directly into the hot Hawaiian sun! Put an end to the misery now! You will be so glad you did!

After decades of hearing our customers plea for a window film that we could legally install on their front windshields, T&T Tinting Specialists now has "AIR 80 - Windshield Heat Blocker", a virtually clear film by Llumar that reduces an incredible 43% of the sun's heat and 99.9% of the UV Rays!

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This new, super High-Tech "Nano-Ceramic" film is virtually clear, as it meters at 80% VLT. As long as the cumulative Visible Light Transmission (VLT) of your windshield and sample of the film that we temporarily adhere to your windshield for testing does not fall below 70%, it complies with the Federal Standard (FMVSS-205) that governs the front windshield. We will meter every windshield before and after installation to certify it conforms. (Vehicles that fail the meter test cannot be done.)

So, whether you currently have the sides and back windows of your vehicle tinted or not, now is the time to get AIR 80 installed on your vehicle's front windshield to cut the heat from the largest piece of glass on your vehicle!

Click on the Instant Estimate button NOW, get an Instant Estimate for several of our Lifetime Warranty FormulaOne Films, including this NEW AIR 80 film for your front windshield! You can also make your appointment online and finally block the sun's heat & UV Rays from hitting you directly in the face every day!