Artist Thomas Deir Collection & Collaboration with T&T Tinting

Artist Thomas Deir Collection & Collaboration with T&T Tinting

Thomas Deir
Thomas Deir
Thomas Deir
Thomas Deir
Thomas Deir

Thomas Deir

Fine Art Description:
This client wanted to solve the problem of allowing too much light in, while obscuring the view and adding privacy from outside the bathroom looking in. Originally, they considering glass tile, but that was very costly and not within their budget. The affordable and stylish solution was T&T Tinting's Printed Window Graphics utilizing a couple of Thomas Deir's Fine Art Prints printed directly onto window film instead of onto canvas. The process was very easy; the client chose two paintings from local artist Thomas Deir's catalog. Once approved, the 2 large prints were created and installed.

Thomas Deir biography:
Kailua artist Thomas Deir specializes in tile murals and paintings for homes and businesses. His clientele spans from art collectors around the world to homeowners looking for something unique for their kitchen backsplash, shower wall, or entryway, and now, with this unique collaboration with the folks here at T&T Tinting, WINDOW ART!. Thomas' diversity of subject matter ranges from undersea reef scenes and dolphins to sunsets and seascapes to volcanoes erupting on the Big Island. He thrives on the gratitude and positive energy he gives and receives from the people who come to know him and his art. Now more people can enjoy Thomas' art via this collaboration of mediums... T&T Tinting's Glass Graphics and Thomas Deir's incredible artwork!

Bamboo Chinaman_s Hat
Beached 30x40GW
Cathedral Tunnel Wave Giclee
Chinaman_s Hat Pink n Blue 16x20
Chinaman_s Hat24x36
Crystal Blue Persuasion 28x19
Cylindrical Prism Wave 24x24
Diamond Head Butterfly Flowers 24x36
Diamond Head Floral 24x36
Emerald Forest 24x48
Enchanted Tropical Waterfall 24x36
Ewa Moon 24x36
Full Moon Mokuluas 26x26
Hanauma Bay
Kaelepulu Wetland
Kahala Hotel and Resort 30x24
Kauai Turtle Cave18X18
Lanikai Pillbox Full Moon 24x36
Lanikai Snow
Lanikai Sunrise
Lanikai Turtle
Living Reef 24x40
Mokulua Fireclouds 36x24
Mokulua Jewel Wave 24x24
Mokulua Milky Way 24x20
Mokulua Moonbow 20x24
Mokulua Sunrise Wave 24x24
Morning Breach 26x36 (1)
Myrtle theTurtle 19x13
Olomana Enchanted Lakes 36x96
Olomana Third Peak 36x36
Wave of Light Giclee