Commercial Tinting


T&T Tinting Specialists, Inc. installs window film on more commercial buildings, hospitals, hotels and condominiums than any other glass tinting company in Hawaii. 

We have the experienced certified staff to install any of our 70+ in-stock window film types on your building quickly, efficiently and normally without any interruptions to the normal operations of your home, office or hotel.

Here’s why you need to contact T&T Tinting for your building’s windows:

  1. Reduce up to 80% heat, keep occupants cooler and more comfortable. Save energy dollars and reduce the need for air-conditioning use as well as reduced service intervals for HVAC equipment.
  2. NEW!! Upgraded and substantially increased Energy rebates from Hawaii Energy!! (See Hawaii Energy now pays a rebate of $.85 per square foot as an incentive to air-conditioned commercial building owners on Oahu, Maui & Lanai, Molokai and the Big Island of Hawaii for every square foot of qualifying window films installed– we will gladly assist you in finding the right ones. Also, on Kauai, KIUC (Kauai Independent Utility Co-op) will pay you up to 50% of the cost of installing our best qualified solar films, so what are you waiting for?? Now's the time to upgrade your building's current windows with T&T Tinting's retrofit high performance LLumar & Vista Window Films.
  3. Free Energy Analysis for your building – we can provide you with a detailed report that shows projected savings, demand reduction as well as your return on investment (ROI). Most installations in Hawaii earn a quick payback of between 1 and 3 years.
  4. Reduce glare by up to 95% - Great for improving viewing of TV and computer screens.
  5. Commercial building owners ask us about our "no money out of pocket" energy efficient leasing programs!! That's right, lease the entire tint installation and have the savings pay the lease amount while you enjoy immediate positive cash flow from day one!!.
  6. Cut Ultra-Violet Rays by 99.9%. Eliminate virtually ALL of the harmful UV Rays that destroy drapery, carpets, furnishings, artwork, wood floors and most importantly, your skin! UV Rays have been directly linked to being one of the major causes of Skin Cancer. Vista is the first window film product that is recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation to reduce the harmful effects of Ultra-Violet Rays on your skin.
  7. Create an updated and uniform look. Older buildings can look dated and rundown with the visible ‘hodge-podge’ open-and-closed faded drapery, damaged blinds, etc. Our window films can create unique and dramatic uniform appearance that make a building look 20 years younger, improving its value and appeal substantially.
  8. Protect occupants from the dangers of flying glass. Even our standard 1.5 Mil thick Llumar & Vista Window film add a layer of invisible protection to the occupants of a building. Normal glass shatters and flies when broken. Our window films mounted on standard glass can reduce damage substantially.

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