Safety & Security Films

Our Security Films Save You 15% on Hurricane Insurance Each Year!

That means that your installation will pay for itself over the years!

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Forced Entry / Burglar Resistance

These two images depict the strength of our Llumar Security Films when protecting against forced entry / burglary.  This door is located at the Iolani Palace in downtown Honolulu.  The glass was broken by vandals that were trying to break into the palace after repeatedly kicking the glass.  While they eventually did gain entry by breaking the locking mechanism on the door, they did not gain access through the glass as they had intended to do.  The 8Mil security film kept them out as designed.

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Here's why you need T&T Tinting’s Safety & Security Films and our Graffiti-Shield Films for your commercial building, office windows (or even for your home windows):

With Hawaii’s vulnerability to hurricanes, violent tropical storms, and the current state of the world with the real threats of terrorism in our homelands, the majority of damage resulting from these acts is due to flying or falling shards of broken glass. Keeping glass in its place is crucial for safety as well as reduction of loss of property and life. Our Safety & Security Films come in many different shades from completely CLEAR to TINTED versions that not only provide added security, but also reduce up to 79% Heat, 80% Glare as well as 99.9% UV Rays.


  1. Our Llumar Security Film available in thicknesses from 4Mil through 13Mils. It is used to add a thick layer of protection to any glass to keep broken shards together when shattered by accidental run-ins to high winds, hurricanes and even bomb blasts. No more hurricane tape needed here.
  2. 8Mil Vista or Llumar Security Films in combination with our Glass-Lock Window Restraint Systems (Wet Glaze or several other attachment systems) have met the strict Dade County Florida hurricane standard that requires hurricane resistant protection withstanding wind speeds in excess of 100 mph. These systems have been installed here in Hawaii on the windows of many buildings including select Federal & State Government buildings, the City Financial Tower and on many Military Bases. These systems secure the safety film to the glass and then literally secures the film and glass combination to the building keeping the broken panes in place, not allowing it to leave the frame. Hawaii's #1 Hurricane Insurer, Zephyr Insurance also will provide Hawaii homeowners with an annual 15% Credit on your Hurricane Insurance premiums for having these protective films installed onto all of the windows of your home!
  3. Our 4Mil Graffiti-Shield film is used as a "sacrificial shield" against costly “glass etching graffiti.” When this 4Mil Graffiti-Shield is applied to normal bathroom mirrors, shopping mall entry doors, elevator windows and the like, it eliminates expensive glass and mirror replacements forever! After vandals etch or scratch the clear Graffiti-Shield, it can be quickly and inexpensively removed and replaced, saving hundreds or thousands of dollars!
  4. Save thousands on unnecessary glass replacement when you need to meet the Safety Glazing Code! The City & County of Honolulu and the County of Kauai has both approved all of our Llumar and Vista 4Mil (or thicker) Safety Films as "equivalent to safety glazing". This means, if you need to have any of your standard plate glass windows meet code – we can simply install our 4Mil clear or tinted Security Films onto the pane(s) to do it, saving the expense of buying new safety glass and keeping your glass out of the landfill.