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You are requesting an instant estimate for T&T Tinting's Security Films that can upgrade standard Annealed Plate Glass to meet the safety Glazing Code, or even improve your glazing's strength in a blast or in times of violent weather, high winds or forced entry / burglary. Our Security Films are available in clear or tinted to also provide solar benefits at the same time.

Thank you for your interest in our residential/commercial glass tinting products. You can obtain instant online glass tinting estimates for your Home or Office windows right here-- and because you are doing the measuring for us, we are offering you a special discount for orders placed here on our website!

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3) Then, (if needed), in the last section on this page, enter your "French-Paned sized" windows or doors (smaller windows approx. 12" wide x 18" high or smaller, including "Awning" type windows 30" wide x 15" tall or smaller) . . .

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