T&T Tinting Llumar Self Healing PPF & Stratos Dual Layer Ceramic

T&T Tinting is the industry leader when it comes to innovative window film products here in Hawaii! Here are two of them; 1) Llumar Self-Healing Paint Protection Film with a manufacturer's 10-year warranty on material & labor. This paint protection film has a hydrophobic coating that resists staining from road debris, tar, brake fluid, tree sap and bird droppings... It also heals itself in the event of being scratched- the natural heat of the sun melts away the battle scars that normally build up on older generation PPF products. and
2) the latest offering from our exclusive FormulaOne Auto Tint line, "Dual-Layer Stratos Ceramic". This film has phenomenal high performance with the first layer reducing over 60% heat and the second layer insulating the glass and sealing out the remaining heat so that it feels like someone turned off the sun!