Valor 12-Year Warranty Auto Paint Protection Film


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Llumar VALOR Clear or New "Select Black" Self-Healing PPF

While at T&T Tinting, don’t forget to check out our newest product – LLumar VALOR "Self-Healing Platinum Paint Protection Film" for your vehicle!.

This incredible new product is available in an 8Mil Clear or new "Select Black" Urethane film that literally heals itself in the heat of the sun each day, is custom cut by our computers and professionally installed onto the "front-facing" painted surfaces of your vehicle that are normally subject to damage caused by rock chips, bug stains and road debris. Installed onto similar at-risk areas of your vehicle where the old-fashioned black vinyl "car-bras" used to be used.  Those funny looking vinyl bras would literally cause more damage to your paint than the rocks would!  Our VALOR Self-Healing Paint Protection Film is a “must” for any new vehicle, especially for those running daily on Hawaii's roads where there's always a construction site ahead!  Try our new Select Black version to not only protect, but add highlighted style!


Starter kits usually include covering the leading 22" or so of the front edge of the hood and front fender caps. Full kits can include the full hood, full fenders, the front facing painted areas of your side view mirrors, the entire front bumper area, headlights, fog lights, rocker panels, top of rear bumper (luggage protector) and any other areas that you may want or need scratch / chip protection all the way up to complete / full vehicle coverage and protection.

The technology of "paint protection" has been around for over 25 years, but this new generation of material with both Self-Healing and Hydrophobic Ceramic Top-Coat technologies is finally perfected!  And, our computer cut installation techniques have never been this precise before!

Why is it the best?

1. We now have a precise computer cut system that custom cuts the pattern into the thick film, completely eliminating the need to cut on the vehicle’s painted surface as it was typically done years ago.

2. The new material is the best in the industry;

  • It is crystal-clear, absolutely no distortion or “orange peel” look, or try the new "Select Black" PPF.
  • It's Self-Healing- daily abuse that shows up on the material will melt away automatically in the hot Hawaiian sun... Try the interactive "scratch and heal" demo at either T&T location and you won't believe your eyes!
  • It has a patented Hydrophobic Ceramic Top-Coat that resists water spots, bug stains, tree sap, even engine oil and mustard!  You'll get PPF & a Ceramic Coating in ONE!
  • The original VALOR Clear version is colorless – other brands can appear yellow on white vehicles – not VALOR!
  • It is manufactured & backed by Performance Films by Eastman – the world’s largest makers of window films.
  • It is carefully and meticulously installed by Hawaii’s veterans of window film application – the crew of T&T Tinting Specialists, Inc.
  • It has the best 12-Year Paint Protection Film Warranty in the industry. If it ever peels or distorts while under warranty, it will be replaced Free of Charge. (Select BLACK carries an 8 Year Warranty)
  • It can be safely removed from your paint at any time (even years down the road) and replaced with a new protective film when needed.