Custom tailored HeatShield™

This product is made in the U.S.A. and designed to be placed on the inside of your windshield while your vehicle is parked to block the sun’s blazing heat and UV rays from beating up your vehicle’s interior. In conjunction with our FormulaOne Performance Automotive Films on the sides and rear windows of your vehicle, our HeatShield™ will keep the inside of your car much cooler. HeatShield is an automotive windshield reflector, custom designed to fit the shape of each model's windshield. The HeatShield material is simple and unique. A special metallized polyester film, laminated to a thin layer of closed-cell foam, with a clear polyester film back. HeatShields are custom cut using the latest in computer-aided cutting technology. Then they are sewn around the edge with a cloth binding to eliminate tearing like the cheap imitations sold in department stores. Priced starting at $79.95 each (including freight - 7-10 day lead time needed).